2018-2019 Supplies List

K3 & K4

Pencil box

Scissors (blunt edge)

Plastic folders (4) with prongs (not rings) 



*Tri-fold kindermat (NO blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals)

*Small plastic supply box (clear or solid colors)

*Plastic solid colored folders with prongs and pockets (3)

Ziplock slider close sandwich, quart, OR gallon bags (1 box)

*Please write your child’s name on these items.


Fiskar Scissors - blunt

Pencils #2 (36) – Bic, Striped (France)

Construction paper (1 pack)

Vinyl two pocket folder – heavy duty (2)

Crayola markers (1 pack)

Crayola colored pencils (1 pack)

Three ring zip pouch for crayons and pencils (2)

Second Grade

Fiskar Scissors

Erasers (Cap style, 2 pack)

Crayola Markers (1 box)

Vinyl two pocket folder (2—any colors)

Three Ring Binder with 2 vinyl pocks (1/2 “ or 1”)

Pencil pouch (clear plastic with holes for binder)

Large pencil pouch or box

Highlighters (2)

Third Grade

Plastic school box

Colored Pencils

Binder (1" binder with pocket dividers) 

Composition Notebook

Wide rule lined paper (3 packs)

Pack of 3"X 5" notecards

Fourth --Seventh Grades 

Colored Pencils (24 count or smaller)

Pencil POUCH for binder.  (NO pencil boxes)

Colored markers (Washable / 12 count or smaller)                                 Changes in Red

Binders (1” OR 2” with pocket dividers)

College rule lined paper (3 packs)

Highlighters (4 pack --any color)