2019-2020 Uniform Policy

The Principal may make temporary exceptions to this policy, based on weather conditions and special events.  If there is a question of compliance, the Principal will make a final determination.  Students are expected to abide by both the letter and the spirit of this uniform code.


*Monograms are OPTIONAL.  Only the established or newly approved school logos should be used for monograms. Copies are available from the office.







Khaki or Navy Blue


Plain, no cargos, capris, joggers, athletic pants or leggings

Khaki or Navy Blue


No shorter than 3” above the knee.


 Plain, no cargos

Khaki, Navy Blue, Royal Plaid #49

SkirtsA-line, knife, kick, box pleated

Skorts: Kilt type (flap opening)


No shorter than 3” above the knee. 


(ALL GRADESShorts no shorter than 3” above the knee, or leggings, must be worn with skirts, even those with built in short.  For upper grades, we recommend the biking style shorts.)

White, Gold, Forest Green, Maroon, Navy Blue


Any color School T-Shirt

Shirts:  Polo or Oxford, long or short sleeves, Peter Pan collar


School T-Shirts

Grades 2nd and above must be worn tucked in

White or  Black

Undershirts: long or short sleeved

Worn under approved shirts

White or Navy Blue


Cannot be worn tied around waist

Khaki, Brown, Black, Navy Blue

Belts: mandatory for 2nd-6th Grades

Plain (no designs)

Any color

Hair accessories

Small, plain with no beads or sequins or distracting features

Gold or silver


Only 1 pair of earrings allowed, maximum 2" in length

No extremes in necklaces or bracelets

Khaki, White, Navy Blue


Required for all grades

Navy Blue, White



Any Color

Shoes:  athletic, lace-up, slip on, or loafer

No cartoon or toy figures, rollers, lights, boots, or sandals.  No open toe or heel or cleats.

Navy Blue

Sweaters/Vests: button-up or zipper

Plain or with school logo.  May be worn in class.

Any Color

Windbreakers or fleece jackets

Cannot be worn tied around waist

Any Color

Outer Jackets/Coats

NO trench coats. Cannot be worn tied around waist



May be worn during cold weather, but NOT indoors

School T-Shirts, Christian T-shirts and blue jeans allowed


No leggings may be worn as pants.