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GCA - PayPal Tuition Payments

We are pleased to offer electronic payment options through PayPal®. You can use your existing PayPal account or create a new PayPal account to use for paying your Gateway Christian Academy tuition. PayPal can be linked to your credit card, checking account or savings account which can be used to make payments for tuition. From the pull down menu below, please select the type of payment and enter the amount that you are paying.


Transaction Fee: If you are paying a tuition bill with PayPal, please consider adding 3% to your payment to cover the PayPal transaction fee(s) & processing costs incurred by GCA.

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Instructions: 1.) From the pull-down menu, select which type of payment you would like to make. 2.) Refer to your GCA tuition bill for the proper amount to be entered in the amount field. 3.) Click "Pay Now". 4.) You will be redirected to a secure page provided by "". Login to your existing Paypal account or create a new PayPal account to complete the transaction. 5.) Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal and the payment will be posted to your account and be reflected on your next statement from the GCA financial office.

Thank you for choosing to use GCA's online payment option.


New PayPal Accounts: When you first open up an account, you may have only up to $500 in sending limit. You should apply for the Expanded Use Program at PayPal as soon as you complete the checkout. This will help to speed up processing time of your order.

How do I expand my PayPal sending limit?

New applicants to PayPal (and those who have not completed the “Expanded Use Program”) will be asked to enroll in the Expanded Use Program before they may send any payments over $500. Once you confirm an email address, add a credit card, and enter your Expanded Use Number, your account will have an unlimited sending limit. American Express has decided to decline PayPal credit card transactions that are funded with an American Express Corporate Card. As a result, any attempts to register or use an American Express Corporate Card will be denied. Some accounts, at PayPal's discretion, may have a higher or lower limit before completing enrollment in the Expanded Use Program. Some transactions, at PayPal's discretion, may not apply towards the limit. To obtain your Expanded Use Number, you must pay a $1.95 Expanded Use Fee, log in to your PayPal account, and enter the four-digit Expanded Use Number associated with the $1.95 charge. After you have successfully entered your Expanded Use Number, you will receive a $1.95 bonus on the next PayPal payment you send. (This bonus may take up to 24 hours to process and be reflected in your PayPal account balance.) This Expanded Use enrollment will be complete and your sending limit lifted if and when you correctly enter your Expanded Use Number on the PayPal website. If you remove the funding source (e.g. the bank account or credit card) used to enroll in the Expanded Use Program, PayPal may require you to enroll in the Expanded Use Program again.

Can I still make payments at the school?


I forgot the exact cost of my child(ren)'s tuition. Can you tell me how much I owe?

Yes, call the school at 228.762.4144 or e-mail us.